Digital skills - computers (ICT)

Computers and digital devices play a major part in our daily lives and we are

encouraged to find and access more services online.

If you have a need to improve your digital and computer skills for home or the workplace you can join one

of our free bite-size learning sessions. We can help you develop the skills needed to access the internet

for everyday use and for work related activities.

On these courses you will learn to:

  • use devices and handle information - using devices, finding and evaluating information, managing and storing information, identifying and solving technical problems
  • create and edit - creating and editing documents and digital media, processing numerical data
  • communicate - communicating, sharing, and managing traceable online activities
  • transact - using online services, buying securely online
  • be safe and responsible online - protecting privacy and data, being responsible online, digital wellbeing.

Our courses are designed for absolute beginners to more advanced users. If you have never used a computer or tablet before we can get you started. We will be offering taster courses and essential digital skills qualifications at all three neighbourhood learning centres.

Please call us on 01384 818143 or email

This course is intended as homework for learners currently enrolled on EDS L1.