A Fun Introduction to Belly Dance in the form of Synchronised Group Improvisational Tribal style!


A fun ten week course that helps build confidence, inner strength and many new skills. During the course learners will discover the beautiful art of Bellydance in the form of Synchronised Group Improvisational Tribal Style (SGI). This is a beautiful and friendly style of dance that encourages every single learner to develop their knowledge and new skills in a supportive and gentle manner.  You will learn basic hip, arm and hand movements, zills (finger cymbals) work and how to travel with your dance! Learn to move with grace and strength and exercise in a way that is fun and accessible to all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. A fun atmosphere and friendly tutor will guide you at your pace through the diverse and culturally rich art form. No experience necessary just a good sense of fun and you don’t have to show your belly to do so!


About Synchronised Group Improvisational Tribal Style (SGI): This style of Bellydance originated in the USA under the creation of Kajira Djoumahna and Black Sheep Bellydance. It is increasingly popular worldwide. This dance uses traditional moves as well as taking influences from Flamenco and Gypsy styles among others to create beautiful elegant moves that help tone the body and develop fitness levels gently. Synchronised Group Improvisational Tribal style focuses on dancing by following a leader dancer and knowing cues and moves that help you to do so. It is great for co-ordination, exercising the mind and meeting new friends. It can be done simply for the pleasure of dancing right up to performing for many audiences! It has an international language in movement and is beautiful to watch and take part in.